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"Education is the progressive discovery of your own ignorance." Will Durrant

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  • Colleges and Universities in the Rocky Mountain region or other regions of the United States of America or any other country, which are non-profit and who wish to be listed on this site may do so free of charge. Other private colleges or schools (post Grade 12) may list for a nominal annual fee. We have highlighted certain recommended universities and colleges based on our research and in some cases actual interviews with students and ex-students. contact us


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  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) - A national advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation of academic quality through accreditation, CHEA is an association of 3,000 degree-granting colleges and universities and recognizes 60 institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations. Visit their site.


  • Accredited Universities & Colleges in America – Our education service is matching students with accredited universities and colleges in America. Find Best schools in your area. We will match you with the best colleges in your area, having long term experience and relation with accredited universities you will get all comfort for your Education. Take your education to the next level. Unlock your future. Read more.

  • Read our current research page which reviews the subjects of "Literacy" and "The Real Value of Education" click here

  • Delamere-Pennine Associates® and the Delamere Institute of Online Learning® are members of the "Association of International Educators" (NAFSA), which promotes the advancement of "online" and "campus" education as a right for all students worldwide. Visit their website

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  • Financial Solution to Getting Into College - College Bound Plans is a bundle of services and memberships designed to help families with the academic and financial aspects of getting their kids to college. Although college is expensive, our goal is to help you get there with as little student debt as possible. Read more


  • High School & College Yearbooks - has the largest collection of old High School and College Yearbooks on the Internet. You can search and browse over 1.3 million yearbook pages from hundreds of high schools and colleges across the USA. Our collection has millions of yearbook pictures! We offer unique content not found anywhere else on the Internet. Read more.


  • Student Visa for Studying in the United States of America. The university or college administration office you plan to attend, undertakes the issuance of the immigration Form I-20, which forms the basis of obtaining a F1 Student Visa. Please contact the International Student Office of the relevant institution. You may also contact the US Consulate in your home country. Also read the brief article explaining the basic procedure of obtaining a student visa. Click here

    • Some individuals may qualify to move to the United States under other visa categories, which are less restrictive than the student visa, or you may even be one of the lucky few that will "Win the Green Card Lottery" click here

    • You are always welcome to communicate with our firm if you require any assistance with contacts for reputable immigration attorneys or consultants.


  • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on



  • EDU2U is a specialized online course catalog - This is a course catalog promoted by Delamere Institute of Online Learning, that exclusively lists certificates and courses developed by accredited colleges and universities. You might think of it as an EDU2U Community all engaged in sharing courses across geographical boundaries. If you are seeking career training, professional development or workforce education opportunities and want to enroll in a course from an accredited institution this is a great site to visit and is ideal for international students. We are always adding new programs all the time so be sure to bookmark it. Visit this site.


  • Search for the Nation's Best Education & Career Training Schools - Finding the right school is easy! Just choose the career that interests you, enter your ZIP code, and we do the rest. You'll be given a selection of career colleges and technical training schools in your community. If you prefer to get training out of the comfort of your own home, check out our online education section and choose from numerous career schools that offer distance learning opportunities. This service we provide is easy to search for the nation's best education and career training schools we give you access to many of America's top career colleges and technical schools. Search for a career school that's best for you!


  • Stress-Free College Application - Learn how to get organized, write your essay, and even have it reviewed by admissions counselors and professional editors before you apply. Everything you need for a stress-free college application process is here! Students will learn how to get organized and stay organized throughout their college application process and immediately be able to apply unique techniques including the art of asking for a letter of recommendation and how to use our team of admissions counselors and professional editors to turn the personal statement (essay) from an afterthought to the strongest part of their application! The student who will benefit most from this course are those who are dreading the college application process, those who don't know where to start when applying to colleges, and those who want to write a stellar college essay... or four! The course is broken up into six distinct lessons, which allows students to go through the entire sequence or to jump to specific, more timely, lessons depending on where they are in the process or their feelings of competence. Stress-Free College Applications

    • Approved Colleges – Our service is the premier online resource for elearning degree programs, courses and skill assessment tests. Our unique blend of comprehensive degree, course and assessment offerings has made us a leader in the world of online learning. Courses and Degree Programs from Approved Colleges are accessible, challenging and designed to provide students with a quality learning experience on par with leading education institutions. We work with dozens of colleges and universities to create a unique catalog of learning opportunities that rise to meet the specialized needs, abilities and goals of each student. Our goal is to help our partners provide an encompassing selection of education solutions to their customers that empower them to succeed in their personal or professional lives. Affordable, accessible and the perfect step toward your new career! Online courses on hundreds of subjects. Get started today!

    • Welcome to the Virtual Training Suite – Our service now provides a set of free Internet tutorials to help you develop Internet research skills for your university course. All of the tutorials are written and reviewed by a national team of lecturers from universities across the UK. These interactive, teach-yourself tutorials take around an hour to complete. Simply work through the material in your own time at your own pace.  Visit this site.

Recommended Colleges in the Rocky Mountain Region of USA

  • College of Eastern Utah - The college of Eastern Utah announces brand new programmes in Computer Networking (including Microsoft and Novell Certification) and E-Commerce and Web Design/Development, beginning this year. (visit their website)
  • Snow College - Don't overlook what might be your best college choice! There are a lot of real advantages to spending your freshman and sophomore years at Snow College.(visit their website)
  • Salt Lake Community College - SLCC takes you from wherever you are to wherever you need to be and offers quality education in over 100 programmes at a lower cost with smaller classes. With 11 locations, SLCC is your college in your community. (visit their website)
  • Mountain West College - Since 1982 MWC has provided competitive skills and education to obtain professional employment. Offering day and evening class schedules designed to meet the needs of working adults. MWC also helps graduates to find jobs in their new careers. (visit their website)
  • LDS Business College - Discover a focused education that prepares you for a career in two years or less. Receive one-on-one attention from caring faculty. Share a college experience with others who have the same standards. Find the gateway to your future. (visit their website)
  • Dixie State College of Utah - Dixie has added a word to the name of our college, STATE, and we have added 4-year baccalaureate programmes! We're making a statement about our college..our campus..our students, and YOU. Let Dixie help you make a statement for your life! (visit their website)
  • Southern Utah University - Discover the best-kept secret in Utah. Southern Utah University! Immerse yourself in our diverse academic, social, and recreational environment. From our unbelievable personalization to our incredible recreation, Southern Utah University continues to provide superior education. (visit their website)
  • Stevens-Henager College-SLC - Stevens-Henager College founded in 1891, offers Associate and Batchelor degree programmes in Accounting, Business Management, Medical Assisting, Surgical Technologist, Legal Assisting, Office Administration, and Hotel Management & Travel. Classes start monthly. (visit their website)
  • Westminster College-Salt Lake City - Westminster College is a private nondenominational college that prepares its students for success through liberal arts foundation combined with professional programmes. Founded in 1875, Westminster became the first accredited two-year junior college in the intermountain region and became a four-year liberal arts institution offering baccalaureate degrees in arts and sciences in 1949. (visit their website)
  • Brigham Young University - One of the largest privately owned universities in the world. Offers undergraduate degrees in, Biology & Agriculture, Business, Education, Engineering & Technology, Fine Arts & Communication, Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Nursing, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, plus Graduate Studies. (visit their website)
  • Utah State University - Ranked as one of "America's 100 Best College Buys" with the 14th lowest in-state tuition. Ranked amongst the top 3 percent of universities and colleges nationwide for its research, USU is an outstanding value and a great investment in education (visit their website)
  • The Art Institute of Phoenix - Open your mind to the possibilities. Become a part of the student body at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Study programmes in Graphic Design, Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, Interior Design, Internet Marketing & Advertising, Multimedia & Web Design, Video Production, and Culinary Arts. (visit their website)

  • Eagle Gate College - This college is a small, private college established to address the rapidly-growing demand for educated and skilled employees in today's job market. Graduates will be working in their new career, gaining valuable career experience in much less time than if they follow traditional education routes. (visit their website)

  • University of Northern Colorado - Listed in America's Guide to the 100 Best College Buys. Excellent teaching standards matched by state-of-the-art technology. Study in business, education, health sciences, liberal arts, and performing and visual arts. Ask about Western Undergraduate Exchange for Utah Residents. (visit their website)
  • Albertson College of Idaho - Internet access in every dorm room, research in every lab, rafting and biking out your door. Alberson College, one of the best liberal arts colleges in the West, prepares students for fulfilling careers through small classes and demanding curriculum. Learn to think for yourself at Alberson College in Idaho. (visit their website)
  • Idaho State University - Look to pay resident fees while attending Idaho State University. ISU has 150 out-of-state scholarship waivers available to Utah residents. Degrees in Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Pharmacy, Health Professional, Graduate Studies and Applied Technology. (visit their website)
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine - One of the most comprehensive programmes in the USA. Awarding an accredited Masters Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Our academic and clinical curriculum emphasizes traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Qigong, & Tuina. Financial aid, study in China and internships are available. Send for a free catalogue. (visit their website)
  • Bastyr University-Washington State - Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the study of natural healing, offers bachelor's completion degrees in exercise science and wellness, nutrition, psychology, herbal sciences, a bachelor's/masters in acupuncture, a master's in nutrition and a doctor of naturopathic medicine. (visit their website)
  • College of Eastern Utah - Is committed to the highest standards of instruction and learning in its academic and applied technology programs. The college prepares students for certificate degrees or transfer programs and recognizes that education continues beyond graduation. The college affirms a special role in representing the human diversity of our region, state country and the world. (visit their website)
  • The University Of Utah - Offers 75 undergraduate degree programs, more than 50 teaching majors and minors, and 96 graduate majors and is a leader in college education in the Rocky Mountain Region of the USA. The University is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, and is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as one of 50 comprehensive Research Universities from among 3,700 U.S. institutions. Its various schools and colleges are accredited by their own discipline's agencies. Request a comprehensive catalog for more details. (visit their website)
  • Webster University - Originally founded in St. Louis, MO in 1915, Webster University offers graduate programmes at over 90 campuses worldwide, with two campuses in Utah. Earn a masters degree in business administration, management, computer resources management or human resources. Classes are taught in the evenings to accommodate working schedules. (visit their website)
  • Western Governors University - Offers the only online competency-based degrees in the country. Students can use prior work, college and life experience coupled with learning new skills to earn a WGU degree by demonstrating competency through WGU assessment, portfolios and projects. WGU offers college degrees in Business, IT, Social Science and Education. (visit their website)
  • Columbia College - This is a first choice for adult learners, with small evening classes, 8-week terms, financial aid and great teachers. You can receive a degree from one of the best schools in the country that has been established for 150 years. (visit their website)
  • Interested in attending a college in Utah, Rocky Mountain Region, USA? - We have linked with this new website "Utah Mentor," which is a student services website representing the Public and Independent colleges and universities in Utah, USA. This service provides advice on the best colleges to attend, course subjects covered, and guidance on how to prepare for the career of your choice.(visit their website)

  • Expand Your Search for College or School in Utah - A new online resource has been launched in Utah, giving prospective students the ability to identify, research and request detailed information on schools by visiting a single Web site. With more than 200 school profiles the site provides detailed information on each and every college, university and trade school in Utah. (visit this site)

Other Regions of the United States of America


  • Search Accredited Colleges & Schools in the USA - Our education service assists professionals to advance their career objectives and reach academic goals by matching them to over 50 leading accredited schools and over 600 degree programs for free. Our goal is to help readers earn their degree, online or on campus, by providing them with leading accredited schools that best match their preferences. Through, readers can get matched with an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, diploma or professional certificate, depending upon their educational background. Certificate Programs Find Leading Colleges in 3 Minutes. Pursue a Degree, Enroll Today!


  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) - FIDM’s focused curriculum integrates creative and leadership skills to develop graduates for the global industries of Fashion, Visual Arts, Interior Design, and Entertainment. Combined with these skills, FIDM Graduates value ethical choices, demonstrate an awareness of cultural diversity, communicate effectively, think critically, and possess the knowledge of technology essential to their professions. FIDM - Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

  • ITT Technical Institute - ITT's Curriculum offerings, leading primarily to associates and bachelor's degrees, are designed to help students begin to prepare for career opportunities in various fields. Visit the ITT Technical Institute


  • DeVry University - This college is an accredited university offering you the flexibility of 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Whether you earn your degree on campus, online, or through a combination of both, you'll find small classes and personal attention from experienced and respected professors focused on one thing - your educational and career success. Visit Devry


  • NYU (New York University) School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) - An education in the city. The experience of the world. A university can be anywhere. NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) couldn't be anywhere else. This preeminent institution of higher learning is defined by its connection to the many global industries that define New York. Here the academic and business worlds unite. Here individuals looking to learn, grow, and achieve connect with experts who teach, mentor, and advise. You'll meet your future at NYU-SCPS, here at the center of the center of it all. Visit their site.


  • The New School (New York City) - This college is a legendary, progressive university comprising eight schools bound by a common, unusual intent: to prepare and inspire its 9,400 undergraduate and graduate students to bring actual, positive change to the world. From its Greenwich Village, New York City campus, The New School launches economists and actors, fashion designers and urban planners, dancers and anthropologists, orchestra conductors, filmmakers, political scientists, organizational experts, jazz musicians, scholars, psychologists, historians, journalists, and above all, world citizens-individuals whose ideas and innovations forge new paths of progress in the arts, design, humanities, public policy, and the social sciences. In addition to its 70 graduate and undergraduate degree-granting programs, the university offers certificate programs and more than 1,000 continuing education courses to 13,000 adult learners every year. Visit their site.


  • LA College - The Colleges International's Business Management curriculum teaches business fundamentals and offers a general introduction to a wide array of business disciplines, with a focus on becoming an entrepreneur. The comprehensive 18-month program includes basic computer operations and extensive coursework in accounting, computerized accounting, business law, taxation, financial planning, and management. Click Here


  • Indiana Business College Online - This College offers students all over America the opportunity to obtain career-relevant degrees Online at a school that is a 104 year old, nationally accredited college with over 75,000 graduates. Our students can earn their associates degree online from anywhere, any time on any computer with Internet-access in as little as 18 months! Click Here

  • South University Georgia - As an online student at South University, you have access to the many benefits of South University - including excellence in education and personalized attention - while enjoying the convenience of earning your bachelor's degree entirely online. You can attend campus or take your degree online. South University Click here


  • Miami University in Oxford, Ohio - A leading college which has schools in Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Education & Allied Professions, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Fine Arts, and Graduate School. Check out for information services and news updates. (visit their website)

  • University of Texas - Welcome to The University of Texas at Austin, the largest component of The University of Texas System. UT Austin is a major research university that is home to 48,000 students, 2,700 faculty, and 17,000 staff members. From teaching, to research, to public service, the University's activities support its core purpose: - to transform lives for the benefit of society through the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. (visit their website)

  • American Inter-Continental University (AIU) - One of the world's leading online universities are now offering virtual campus tuition from their 6 campuses worldwide, Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. You can now earn your Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology (IT) or MBA in less than one year, and all instructors are world leaders in their field of expertise. You can request a Brochure online. Visit their site.


  • University of Phoenix - This university is an accredited university that offers affordable degree programs and high quality instruction. Degrees are offered in nursing, business, education, counseling, technology and criminal justice. The curriculum is real life applicable with 50% of students reporting use of a school project at their workplace. University of Phoenix. Click here to connect with an enrollment advisor.

  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Students especially interested in online courses or degree programmes will benefit from: Digital Design Diploma - Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design, and a Batchelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design, plus over 50 other individual course offerings. The convenience of when and where you undertake your classes. Interactive environment that fosters learning through online classes. (visit their website)


  • Biola University – This college is a private Christian university located in Southern California. For over 100 years, Biola; a community where all faculty, staff and students are professing Christians has been committed to biblically centered education, intentional spiritual development and vocational preparation.  (visit their website).


  • Southern Virginia University - Offers an outstanding liberal arts curriculum, with small classes. Pre-accreditation by the A.A.L.E. Federal financial aid benefits, and boasts ten intercollegiate sports. Rolling Admissions and scholarships are still available. (visit their website).

  • Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa - This is the place where quality Christian higher education is all about. Students come from over 25 states, 6 Canadian provinces, and 15 other countries, and most important ninety-eight percent of Dordt College graduates find employment or enter graduate school within six months of graduating. Dordt College provides a complete Christian context for learning; a context that equips Dordt students to excel in science, art, business, and the humanities, and just as important, a context that prepares students to face the challenging issues of the world with a deeper understanding of biblical truth and Christian faith.
    Visit their site.


  • Minnesota School of Business & Globe College - This college will provide the job training and skills necessary to be successful in today's technical and business career fields. MSBGC's mission is to provide quality, job-relevant career training, designed to prepare men and women of all ages to enter, prosper in, and meet the needs of today's in-demand careers. Undecided about what career fits you best? Schedule an appointment with one of our college admissions representatives. A representative will give you a tour of our colleges in Minnesota and can assist you to determine what type of career suits you best. Visit their site.


  • Mountain State University - This leading university offers both classroom-based plus distance learning or web-based courses. The campus is located in the heart of downtown Beckley, West Virginia. Visit their site.


  • Weekend Courses for Teaching English - Our intensive TEFL courses are designed to provide you with all the skills you'll need to teach English in just 20 hours - even if you've never taught before. Using your existing knowledge of spoken English, you'll have the chance to develop new and exciting methods to create your own lessons, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And with TEFL certification, you'll be able to use your newly-acquired teaching skills as you build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses These courses are taken by all ages and nationalities in the USA for those who want to teach English abroad. The Weekend course can be taken at venues throughout the USA and will give you the entry-level certificate to get you your first teaching post. For a free trial visit Online TEFL course


  • Colorado Technical University - Earn your Bachelor's, Master's, or Executive MBA Degree in as little as 15 Months. Colorado Tech Online's career-specific degree concentrations were designed to help you increase your income potential and enhance your standing in the professional community. Visit their site.


  • Cardean University - This leading university offers MBA in General Business Studies and the MBA with Specialization. Cardean University covers at least 14 areas of Specialization, from e-Commerce to Management to Health Care, plus more. Visit their site.


  • Benedictine University - This College based in Lisle, Illinois, has been a leader in providing excellence in graduate business programs, and the WebFlex MBA is no exception. This high quality online program provides you the flexibility to complete your MBA around busy work and personal schedules. The 4 main fields of study are International Business, Financial Management, Health Administration, and Marketing Management. Visit their site.


  • Concord Law School - Further your Law Career with help from the Concord Law School. This online law school is one of the leading education institutes in the USA. Visit their site.


  • San Joaquin Valley College - SJVC Online is an accredited, private junior college committed to the professional success of our students and graduates. Our online courses maintain the same high level of academic excellence that we have provided for more than 28 years to career-minded students at our on-ground campuses. Subjects covered are Medical Programs, Business Programs, Criminal Justice Programs and Degree Completion. Visit their site.


  • Strayer University - SU is one of the largest accredited adult-focused universities in America, and a leading provider of online education. They have helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals and offer a wide range of certificates, diplomas, associate, bachelors, or master's degrees they need to succeed in today's business and technology fields. Visit their site.


  • University of Maryland - Since 1947, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has pursued one primary mission: to make higher education more accessible, convenient, and rewarding for busy adults. A pioneer in adult and distance learning, UMUC offered its first distance education course 30 years ago. Today, more than 70,000 men and women on six continents are pursuing their education goals at UMUC. UMUC offers more than 80 online degree and certificate programs, each designed to offer you a challenging educational experience with maximum flexibility. You can access your UMUC courses from any location in the world and participate in class activities when it's convenient for you, rather than at a specific time of day. Visit their site.


  • Boston University - This leading east coast university, founded in 1839, and the fourth largest independent university in the United States, is a hub of academic and scientific activity. With more than 3,400 faculty members and nearly 30,000 students, it is one of the nation's leading research- based universities. The most popular programs are the Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and The Executive Undergraduate Completion Program and graduates will receive a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree. Visit their site.


  • Virginia College - Virginia College is a private institution of higher education committed to offering associate degrees, diploma courses, and baccalaureate degrees at its various campuses. These programs strengthen the student's ability to enter or advance in a chosen career. The student's learning experience and placement opportunities are enhanced through studies that provide a balance of general academics, technical skills and personal growth. Campuses are based in Austin, Birmingham, Gulf Coast, Huntsville, Jackson, Mobile, Pensacola, plus Online Study. Visit their site.


  • Orange Lutheran High School Online - Orange Lutheran Online is a private, Christian college preparatory high school with a growing national reputation for outstanding academics. Students are predominantly of traditional high school age (13-18) with some exceptions for 19 year olds who have earned the majority of their high school credits and are in their senior year. Students at Orange Lutheran Online receive the same high quality academic curriculum and spiritual foundation provided at our campus in Orange County, California. Visit their site.


  • Liberty University - Liberty University is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools to award Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. Courses you take through Liberty are accepted by the armed forces, businesses, industries and colleges and universities worldwide. The subjects offered cover the widest range of skills, including religion, business, marketing, justice, computer, plus many more. Visit their site.


  • Jacksonville University School of Nursing - Graduates from the RN to BSN Program are employed in hospital and community group settings as nursing leaders. Many continue their education to complete Master's degrees or become nurse practitioners. With a nationwide shortage of advanced practice nurses and nurse educators in schools of nursing, BSN preparation opens the door to many career options. The Department of Nursing is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and is approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing. Click Here


  • Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology - Ellis undergraduate programs enables students to earn a bachelor's degree fast and fully online. You never need to attend classes on campus. You study whenever you want. And you learn from knowledgeable faculty and state-of-the-art courses custom designed for Internet delivery. Visit their site.


  • The University of Scranton - The University of Scranton is, by tradition, choice and heartfelt commitment, a Catholic and Jesuit university. The college based in Northeastern Pennsylvania was founded in 1888 as the Saint Thomas College. Visit their site.


  • Axia College - At Axia College you will receive state-of-the-art education in Business, IT & Computer Subjects, Health & General subjects, Criminal Justice, plus more. Axia College is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit their site.


  • Anaheim University - Anaheim University is a pioneering online institution of higher learning from its administrative offices located in Anaheim, California. The University, through its state-of the- art computer-mediated learning environment, provides opportunities for qualified students to interact with the most renowned experts in their fields allowing them to both further their knowledge and advance their professional skills in a user-friendly and interactive environment. Visit their site.


  • The Art Institute Online - The Visual Communication online degree program is designed to educate and develop artistic and imaginative students for careers in the fields of commercial art and design. Emphasis is placed on the development of the thinking process and the ability to conceive creative solutions for specified design problems. Students will learn the principles, practical applications and methodologies used in completing competent and creative graphic solutions. The accelerated 20-course Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Visual Communication online degree program can be completed in *13 months. Art Institute


  • Anthem College - Anthem College Online trains you for in-demand jobs in Business, Health Care, Technology and Criminal Justice. Learn when you want, where you want, and keep your lifestyle just the way you like it. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Those who do qualify will benefit from a financial aid plan that fits their needs. Visit their site.


  • American Graduate Institute - The Institute offers a degree in Financial Management and Pricing and is based in Covina, California. Visit their site.


  • Le Tourneau University - Undertake your Master's of Business Administration (MBA). Designed to serve the educational needs of working adult professional men and women, LeTourneau University provides a program that combines the strength of academic excellence, business ethics and a Christian global view. In addition, in order to strengthen your marketability in an ever-increasing job market, we offer our MBA students specializations in: Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing and Management. Visit their site.


  • Capella University - At Capella University, you will earn your degree from an accredited university that delivers the challenge and energy of a traditional classroom, but gives you the flexibility to fit education into your life. We offer online degree programs with nearly 70 specialized areas of study and more than 650 courses. So you can move forward toward your goals-no matter how high. Visit their site.


  • Chamberlain College of Nursing - This college offers a highly respected degree completion program that can be completed in as little as 12 months. RNs can earn their BSN by completing just 12 courses, all offered online in 8-week sessions. Chamberlain College of Nursing Click Here


  • New England Culinary Institute (NECI) - Many people decide to go back to school after gaining some work experience in the hospitality and restaurant business. They realize that, if they want to move ahead in their careers, they will need to add additional knowledge and skills. New England Culinary Institute (NECI) is a sound choice for this purpose. Our online Bachelor in Hospitality and Restaurant Management means you can study without having to move to another city or town, and allowing you to immediately apply what you are learning to your job, and then to use your job experiences to bring deeper meaning to each course in the program. Click Here



Browse for Colleges in the United States of America & other Countries

  • Virtual Tours of College Campuses - To assist you in making your decision on which college to attend in the USA, we have found that taking a Virtual Tour of the campus enhances your ability to make the right choice. Simply search through the "Alphabetic Index" or "Choose the State" in which the school is located and enjoy your tour. Click here


  • Search for degree programs and lifelong learning - This database searches for the following courses, mainly at "bricks and mortar" colleges and learning institutes.
    • Continuing Education Classes
    • Online Degree Programs
    • Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees
    • Corporate Training Professional Certifications
    • Education Financing
    • Test Preparation.
    • Get Your Degree Today!

  • Search for Accredited Colleges in Your Locality - Start searching our database of hundreds of quality accredited institutions, offering both online and traditional campus-based programs. You can select your field of interest, colleges in your area, and employment opportunities offered upon completion of your studies. Click here.


  • Current listing of all regionally accredited USA universities and colleges - These are organized by state or alphabetically, use the resource researched and arranged by our colleagues at the University of Texas. Click here


  • Expand your search for a local college or online learning college - There are now more options then ever for distance learning. Do your research on the kinds of program you want to enter. You should have a basic idea of what program you want. Are you looking for a certificate or a degree? Do you want a Masters of Business Administration, or a Masters of Art? Once you know what you want to study, here are some ways of sorting out what kind of college or university to look for your online degree. Get a degree today at



International Regions (Where the Delamere Group has representation)

  • Study Abroad & Benefit from Global Education - Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) was founded in 1996 to provide international education opportunities for U.S. and Canadian college students of all language levels and majors. The mission of CEA is to create and facilitate opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences. Want to Study abroad? Click here to find out how.


England (UK) | South Africa | Kenya | Somalia | Australasia | Other Regions


England (UK): (And Europe)


  • The IUBH School of Business and Management (Campus or Online) - Our campuses are located in Bad Honnef, Bad Reichenhall and Berlin, Germany and is a centre of excellence for Business Administration and Service Management. We pride ourselves on providing quality, evidence-based study programmes that focus particularly on promoting the work ethic and service mentality of students. With our attractive Bachelor and Master's degree courses, we aim to set ever higher standards for the new generation of management graduates. Our programmes are characterised by the effective transfer of subject-specific knowledge and soft skills designed to prepare our graduates for the challenges of management. Apply now for the IUBH study programme


  • ICM (Institute of Commercial Management) - This is the leading professional body for Commercial and Business Development Managers. As one of the leading accredited examining and awarding bodies for students across the world, ICM offers a wide variety of specialist study subjects for those wishing to enhance their profession or pursue a career in business and management. Here you will find everything you need to help you with your studies, from exam timetables and deadlines to past papers and course handbooks all at the click of a button.  Visit their site.


  • School of Advanced Study, University of London - Founded in 1994, the School exists to protect, foster and develop an approach to advanced study which was evolved by its constituent institutes, many of which have long and distinguished histories. It is the only institution in the UK that is nationally funded to promote and facilitate research in the humanities and social sciences and receives special funding for its mission from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Visit this site.


  • Ravensbourne College London - This is a world-class digital destination developing talented individuals and leading-edge businesses through learning, skills, applied research, enterprise and innovation. We are a university sector college innovating in digital media and design, with a vocationally focused portfolio of courses, spanning fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design, graphic design, animation, moving image, music production for media and sound design. We are a centre of excellence, industry accredited and a Skillset Media Academy. Check courses.


  • Oxford College - This online college is one of the leading distance education providers in the United Kingdom and internationally, and along with our partners in education, promotes quality home study education world wide. Our online distance learning programmes encompass A-Level and Diploma level courses. As part of your course you will have access to the tutor department who are able to support and mentor you throughout the learning process. Our students come from varied backgrounds, differing levels of education, and every continent in the world. Click here.


  • University of Cambridge, England - One of the oldest universities in the world dating back to the 13th century and set in one of the most picturesque areas in England. Undergraduate courses are offered in BA, B.Ed, MB, B.Chir, B.Th, Vet.M.B, Mus.B, plus M.Eng, M.Sci, degrees. Numerous Post Graduate courses are offered in research and other degrees. (visit their website)


  • Oxford University - Claimed to be the oldest English speaking university in the world. Offers learning and research in natural & applied sciences including medicine. Check for full details about undergraduate and postgraduate courses and degrees. Set in the heart of England and ideal for overseas students to enjoy the studies and the British way of life. (visit their website)

  • Kingston University-London - Located in Kingston-upon-Thames in London. This college has 14,500 students and is the largest provider of higher education in South West London, hosting six faculties including, Art, Design & Music, Business, Education, Health & Social Care, Human Sciences, Sciences, and Technology. (visit their website)

  • The Guardian News, Education Reports. This news source hosts special reports on community teaching inspections and performances, and reports on the latest issues involving universities and colleges in the UK. (visit their website)

South Africa:


  • African Leadership Academy – The objective of this academy seeks to enable lasting peace and prosperity in Africa by developing and connecting the continent’s future leaders. Africa’s greatest need is ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. Our leadership development formula is relatively simple: we believe that by identifying young leaders with immense potential, enabling them to practice leadership, and connecting them with transformative opportunities. Visit our site.

  • University of Cape Town (UCT) - This University is a vibrant academic community of some 16,000 students and 4,500 members of faculty. The main campus occupies a beautiful site on the slopes of Table Mountain, and is a comprehensive university offering a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. UCT is also a major center for research and has exchange agreements and links with other universities on the African continent and throughout the world. (visit their website)


  • Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria - The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is a proud product of South Africa's first decade of democracy. While the size and scope of this dynamic new institution impress, the quality of its teaching, research and community engagement is what makes the University really stands out. Visit this site.


  • Study Abroad & Benefit from Global Education - Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) was founded in 1996 to provide international education opportunities for U.S. and Canadian college students of all language levels and majors. The mission of CEA is to create and facilitate opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences. Want to Study abroad? Click here to find out how.

  • University of Stellenbosch - The Mission of SU is to create and sustain, in commitment to the academic ideal of excellent scholarly and scientific practice, an environment within which knowledge can be discovered, can be shared, and can be applied to the benefit of the community. The SU also contributes towards building the scientific, technological, and intellectual capacity of Africa. (visit their website)


  • University of South Africa - This distance learning university is probably the most successful on the African content. UNISA is committed to development and improvement of the quality of life of its learners and their communities across boundaries, through world-class open distance teaching, learning and research - accessible, relevant and of service to all sectors of society. Offers a full range of quality learning products in higher education and certification up to doctoral level to learners within and beyond the borders of South Africa by means of appropriate, innovative and flexible open distance teaching and learning modes, methods, media and technology. For more details click here



  • Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development - This new Academy will focus on developing business skills and life skills in equal measure among young people between the ages of 18 and 23, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Speaking earlier this month, Raymond Ackerman said that the Academy's main purpose is to give a chance to those who - for reasons of lack of finances or lack of education and skills - cannot gain access to tertiary education opportunities or employment. This entrepreneurial training academy that will be launched at the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) during 2005 in Cape Town. Read the full report from the Pick'n'Pay website. The Delamere Group and the MTC Foundation is also promoting this Academy. Visit this site.


  • Cape Town Academy - This non-profit private college (Formerly known as the Boston College or Boston Business College, Boston House College, Bellville Academy, Boston Computer School, Boston City Campus or Boston Computer Centre) and its two campuses in Bellville and the City Centre ( plans were well underway for the official opening of additional campuses in Wynberg, Claremont and Khayelitsha, based on large donations from American Sponsors) but had to cease operating as from February 2000. Cape Town Academy was also known as the Cape Town International Academy as the school was registered and accredited with several international examination bodies, including the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), plus the City & Guilds (London), International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), CIBTAC, and Pitman's (London).

    The difficult economic conditions in South Africa in the late 1990's forced the withdrawal of funds from two prominent local sponsors, (plus massive fraud was uncovered being committed by the two Asssistant Directors of Training of the Cape Town Campus and the Bellville Campus, in collution with several senior staff members, all of whom avoided being convicted of their criminal actions because of the corrupt, disorganised affairs of the South African Police Department.) This stupid action caused the loss of employment for at least 16 staff members and also created a great loss for underprivileged students from many African countries, many of whom were sponsored by local businesses. We invite you to read about this common problem experienced by many businesses and visit our web page and select Item # 2 Click here.)

    The MTC International Foundation, the major sponsor of this South African private college, has decided to amend its policy and now use the donor funds to assist deserving students with grants and scholarships as the more strategic use of these funds. For more information about the 'Special Donor Fund for South African Students' click here. Our firm has been requested to inform any visitor to our web site who knows of any past student of the Cape Town Academy, who has still not received their diploma for the 1999 academic year, to contact us by e-mail and this matter will be investigated. The MTC Foundation is also promoting the very successful international online learning programs being sponsored by Delamere Institute of Online Learning.


  • Health Science Academy South Africa - This academy is an accredited provider of education and training in the South African health sector. It is a private company wholly owned by the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD). FPD is a private institution of higher education, established at the end of 1997 with the purpose of providing a comprehensive range of education products and research, tailor-made to the needs of the healthcare sector. Health Science Academy has extensive experience in the private training and education market and focuses on Adult Education and Training. Visit their site.


  • The new School of Tourism and Hospitality - This new school in Johannesburg, South Africa, opened its doors in 2005, and will combine practical training with a strong commercial component, including a selection of public restaurants and a wine cellar. The building will also house the South African Chefs Association, the South African Culinary Institute and the Gauteng branch of the Cape Wine Academy. Visit this site. Or for online learning, contact the Delamere Institute of Online Learning.


  • Our firm has an ongoing contact with 'private colleges' in South Africa, and these colleges are always looking for qualified teaching staff in various fields, such as travel & tourism, languages, IT skills, business subjects, plus many more career areas. Why not enjoy a working holiday in this beautiful part of the world, contact us if you desire more information. Or you may post your brief employment request on Delamere Employment Classified Page

  • Cape Town Creative Academy - The CTCA is located at the hub of creative development in Woodstock, on the eastern fringe of Cape Town's city centre. The CTCA is positioned at the centre of a dynamic, creative community that includes some of South Africa's top design studios, advertising agencies, publishing houses and internationally-esteemed galleries and art dealers. With a progressive, trans-disciplinary vision, the CTCA is an international authority on creative education, delivering a scientifically-balanced combination of academic rigour, industry-lead practice-based learning, and entrepreneurial and business management studies. Visit this site.


  • Private Hotel School Cape Town - This leading private school based at the Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch was established to train and educate people who will be able to work anywhere in the world, through the highest quality resources available and to adhere to the current and future needs of the Hospitality Industry. Visit this site.




  • East African Academy - The new school for architects, designers and engineers is a collaboration between Chalmers, University of Gothenburg and several local universities around Lake Victoria. The building itself will reflect the East African Academy's special teaching methods and growth strategy. Read more.


  • Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI) The training unit of the KWS offers organisational training, certificate and diploma programmes. It collaborates with Universities, International bodies and local non-governmental organisations to provide a portfolio of learning programmes in adherence with the KWS Mission Statement, "To work with others to sustainably conserve, protect and manage Kenya's invaluable bio-diversity for the benefit of the people of Kenya and as a world heritage". Courses offered are: Tour Guiding (4 Months) Sanctuary Wildlife Management (5 Months) Tourism Management and Eco-Tourism Development (4 Weeks ) Community Wildlife Assistants/Scouts (2 Months) East African Wetland Management Course (6 Weeks) A 3 year B.Sc course and also 15 month Diploma courses in Wildlife Management and Environmental Management. Visit their site


  • Egerton University - Government of Kenya and USAID funded the expansion of this College. The Agricultural College was gazetted as a constituent college of the University of Nairobi in 1986 and 1987, the University was established as a full-fledged University by an Act of Parliament. Today, the Egerton University has expanded to include Laikipia, Kisii, Kenyatta and Nakuru Town Campuses. Visit their site. For a brief History of Maurice Egerton, 4th Lord Egerton, click here and for an overview of Maurice Egerton's English home, Tatton Park, click here.

    • Because of the outstanding donation to this university by our revered, now deceased friend, Maurice Egerton, the Delamere Group has recently commissioned a research project to compile a recorded history of the Egerton family. We invite any student or researcher to submit their contribution to this report. Meantime we request that our visitors read the preliminary web page that gives a brief overview of the title and family of Lord Egerton. Click here.


  • Baraka Agricultural College - This college is convinced the 'Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development' (SARD) is an appropriate development strategy in response to the economic, social, environmental and political realities of Eastern Africa. The mission of the College is 'to promote SARD in Eastern Africa through dialogue, participatory education, training research and extension'. Visit their site.




  • Studying in Australia - This very useful website covers all aspects of what is required for foreign student to live and study in Australia, and enjoying the adventurous lifestyle and country, while at the same time obtaining a good quality education at one of the leading Australian colleges. The areas of subjects offered are, visa requirements, living conditions, plus much more, and in fact is probably the most comprehensive source of information for students, especially from Europe and South America wishing to live and study in Australia. Click here.


  • The University of Sydney - This university in Australia recently unveiled the X-Lab, a 40x20 meter space that houses up to eight classes using advanced live lecture streaming. Using a multipoint distribution strategy based on a Dante network from Audinate, the IP-based architecture efficiently streams lecture audio to ensure as many as 240 students receive a targeted, immersive, engaging and uninterrupted educational experience. Read more.


International: Other Regions (Europe, Far East, Middle East, the Carribean, Russia, Central & South America)

  • Worldwide Database of Schools Teaching English Language - This database and search engine provides lists of schools, institutions, universities, programs, and organizations providing ESL (English as Second Language) Click Here

  • How to Choose the Right School for Your Language Studies - Our education partner "Language Course. Net" has evaluated only the best course programmes, which have met the strict criterea in line with our international standards. The quality of the school and the course programme is either guaranteed by a "membership of an independent school association" or by "acknowledgement of the national ministry of education." In addition the evaluation of former students is taken into account. Click Here

  • Study Abroad and Learn a Foreign Language in the Country Where it is Spoken - The Eurolingua Institute provides a unique opportunity for people of all ages to spend time and study in the country where the language they wish to learn is actually spoken. The program allows you to make rapid progress while enjoying a stimulating linguistic and cultural experience, and you can stay in the homes of local families of a Eurolingua Tutor, and also join a small friendly group at a Eurolingua Institute in the actual country. Institutes you can attend are currently available throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Click Here

Online Colleges & Universities

  • For more information on universities and colleges that offer distance learning and online courses, visit this page.


Reminders & Tips for College Applicants


  • Check our searchable database of Universities around the world, 9380 Universities in 205 countries, click here.
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  • Exam Edge - Our service is an industry leader in preparing clients for their certification exams through the use of our proprietary online practice exams. Our practice exams are designed to feel like the real exams and give detailed explanations for every question once the exams have been completed.  We offer practice tests in 20 different industries including healthcare, nursing, teaching, and business, covered by over 1800 actual tests. Do you need to pass your certification exam You have found the right place for help. We offer Online practice exams in over 20 industries, healthcare, teaching, and international exams.
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  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) - Prospective students should consider working toward online degrees only from accredited institutions, and should contact the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) to make sure that the accreditations are legitimate. This directory contains contact information about 467 quality assurance bodies, accreditation bodies and Ministries of Education in 175 countries. The quality assurance and accreditation bodies have been authorized to operate by their respective governments either as agencies of the government or as private (nongovernmental) organizations. Visit this site.


  • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on

  • Delamere Education reminds all students who plan to study or visit other countries usually require a visa of some kind. Please visit the site of Delamere Immigration Services for more information.


  • Try This Excellent Career Test - Delamere Employment Services are now offering this Career Test that compares career aptitude to all jobs in the world, showing which a person fits best and how they fit each career. The 19-page report shows how to be more successful in any job and how to improve relationships. Proven accurate for 28 years. Read more


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