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History & family research project of Maurice Egerton, 4th Lord Egerton of Tatton Hall Cheshire

Note: This brief history is only in its preliminary stages and we acknowledge that errors may be contained in this report, but we request that any information or additional details be submitted to our research department at our email address.


Lord Baron Egerton of Tatton

1. The title Baron Egerton was created and acquired in 1859 by William Tatton Egerton (see portrait) (born 30 December 1806 - died 21 February 1883). He became the 1st Lord Egerton. William was also MP for Lymington, Cheshire North, from 1832 to 1858. He married Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus on 18 December 1830, and they had two sons Wilbraham and Allan. This outstanding individual, William Tatton acquired many works of art, which were later sold by the family through Sotherbys.

2. Wilbraham Egerton (son of William) was born on 17 January 1832 and died 16 March 1909 aged 77. Wilbraham became 2nd Lord Egerton on the death of his father in 1883. He was also created Earl Egerton of Tatton and Viscount Salford in 1897, as he was the driving force and Chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal (1887 - 1894).(See editor's footnotes) Wilbraham married twice, (1) Lady Mary Sarah Amherst (sometimes recorded as Lady Mary Sarah Amhert) 15 October 1857, and (2) Alice Anne Montgomery 8 August 1894. Wilbraham had one daughter by his first wife, called Gertrude Lucia (9 January 1861 - 7 June 1943) and owing to the fact that Wilbraham had no male heir, the title Earl Egerton of Tatton and Viscount Salford became extinct on his death, he was the first and last Earl. The other title Baron Egerton was passed onto his brother Allan de Tatton Egerton. Wilbraham was the researcher and writer of the famous book on Indian and Oriental Armour and all the collection he had acquired during his research was eventually bequeathed and left to the Manchester Art Gallery.


3. Alan de Tatton Egerton (19 March 1845 - 9 September 1920) brother of Wilbraham became 3rd Lord Egerton in 1909 upon the death of his brother (Photo of Allan de Tatton) Allan married Anna Louisa Taylor in 1870 and they had 3 sons, (1) William (died as a child) (2) Cecil (died as a child) and (3) Maurice (1874 - 1958)


4. Maurice Egerton (4 August 1874 - 30 January 1958) youngest and only living son of Alan de Tatton Egerton inherited the title Baron Egerton and became Maurice 4th Baron Egerton in 1920 upon the death of his father, he also inherited Tatton Park. Maurice never married and died without heir in 1958 while living in Kenya, and the title Baron Egerton became extinct. Maurice spent most of his life in Kenya and is the primary character who is the subject of this new research project and we invite any contributions to this undertaking. Contact the editor.


Editor's Footnotes: (We may temporarily add to this page some of the comments and information regularly received from our many readers, pending our full report that will be released some time in the future (Probably in 2019). This report is under the personal supervision of one of our senior editors. Meantime we invite you to read this brilliant thesis submitted by one of our research colleagues in Manchester. Click here. (PDF file of 380 pages)


  • For additional information we invite you to visit our travel web pages on Africa where Maurice Egerton spent much of his life. (Please note the Campaign and Donation Fund to restore the Egertons Pipe Organ by The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust sponsored by the Delamere Group)

  • Visit our pages on trade and development in Kenya which Maurice Egerton helped in many positive ways.

  • Message from one of our students. Lord Maurice Egerton was loved by many.

  • One of our readers from Kenya recently submitted this blog as to whether Maurice Egerton hated women, it presents some interesting observations for our readers. Click here.

  • A report submitted by a reader. Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton.


A brilliant book is now published called, “The Delamere Saga - The Untold Story of Vale Royal Abbey”, by the “MTC International Foundation” and to whet your appetite we quote a section related to the Egerton family.

“It is appropriate that with the Lords’ Egerton having now been introduced into our “saga”, and as they were prominent in the history of the county of Cheshire and also the scenic country of Kenya in Africa, that we therefore include some brief details about their fascinating lives.”

“Seeing this Castle for the first time, which Maurice had built in the Kenyan bush brings up a very interesting story about Maurice Egerton, 4th Lord Egerton of Tatton Hall, who died without successor in 1958. (The 2,000-acre Tatton Park Estate, Cheshire, England, was bequeathed to the National Trust by the fourth and last Lord Egerton in 1958) Of special interest to our readers, plus also to me, as a lover of organ music, is the account of Lord Egerton’s Pipe Organ and the planned restoration by the The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust (supported by the National Trust of UK). Lord Egerton was an extremely generous, philanthropic individual and the Egerton University (EU) in Kenya plans to establish the Lord Egerton Foundation in his honor. Maurice, 4th Lord Egerton, left a lasting legacy in Kenya, where he is still celebrated and held in great affection today. We are also pleased to report that all of this land previously owned by Maurice Egerton has now been returned and handed back to the people of Kenya.”

"Maurice, 4th Lord Egerton, left a lasting legacy in Kenya, where he is still celebrated and held in great affection today. Lord Egerton played a crucial role in Kenyan education. He founded the Egerton University, which was formerly used to train European settlers. Lord Maurice Egerton lived until 1958 as a loner in the castle. Eventually, he died a sad death due to chest issues and lies buried in Nakuru town of Kenya." To read the latest news regarding this remarkable book, click here.



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