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The Delamere Group because of it's strong presence in the educational field in Africa, plus specific experience and connections in South Africa, especially since the New Democratic South African Government, under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, was formed in 1994 (the post-apartheid era), Delamere-Pennine Associates has been approached by thousands of individuals and businesses to create a "special donor fund" to assist and sponsor students who live and/or are planning to study in South Africa and especially come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

After extensive research and the ongoing viability of such a Fund and its relevance and usefulness in helping to rebuild the economy and future development of South Africa, after the battering of the International Sanctions era, the management of Delamere-Pennine Associates have decided to officially re-launch this fund.

The Donor Funds will operate under the existing auspices of the "MTC International Foundation" which has been previously used by our firm to operate non-profit private colleges in the Cape Town area of South Africa. The 'MTC International Foundation' facilitated this arrangement for a period of 10 years, assisting in the education and training of local and international students from many countries within the sub Saharan region of Africa.

In order to comply with current legal requirements in the USA, now the existing location of the head office of our firm, (visit our main corporate site) arrangements are underway to create a Trust Fund for all donations to be deposited and controlled; plus registration of the "MTC International Foundation" as a non-profit charitable legal entity in terms of United States legislation. The 'MTC International Foundation' (Reg. No.16650 in the State of California, USA) is currently being registered and incorporated as a non-profit corporation and recognized as a Section 501(c) (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Department of the US Government. Your contributions will normally be tax deductible. Check with your accountant, financial advisor or tax office in your country of residence.

The 'fund' will be under the personal supervision of a Senior Partner of our firm and in due course invitations will be extended to willing individuals with business background who are prepared to form a "voluntary selection committee" for the allocation of these donated funds to deserving students who plan to further their education in Southern or Eastern Africa.

Once the 'fund' has grown to a required level, advertisements will appear in the press, inviting students to apply for sponsorship to study at an institution in Southern or Eastern Africa, which is legally registered with the "Department of Education" and is in good standing with the Government Department. Our firm will undertake all investigations on a pro-bono (no-charge) basis. This fund is under the personal supervision of Kimberley Hebdon.


We also plan to use some of these donated funds to cover fees for courses related to job training and skill development, especially courses offered "online." Visit this page for more information. Some of these funds are already being implemented in the development and administration of one of the leading "online training institutes" based in the USA, but now available for registration by students in any country of the world that has Internet access. Visit the site of "Delamere Institute of Online Learning."

More details will eventually be released, but meantime we invite individuals, businesses or companies who wish to consider making a donation to this worthwhile project, to contact our firm regarding any questions or clarification of the 'MTC International Foundation' and the "South African Student Sponsorship Programme" (SASSP).

The MTC International Foundation also provides support to nominated wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, who are members of the “Kenya Wildlife Conservation Association” and as decided by the management committee of the “MTC International Foundation This fund is under the personal supervision of Bradley Hebdon and Garrick Hebdon”.

If you prefer to deal with a local government related agency, we suggest and recommend The iThemba Foundation which seeks to address pre and post apartheid inequalities in education through the offering of private, and/or public resources and talents from those persons or groups interested in promoting and improving upon the personal growth, development, welfare and education of under-privileged South African youth.

Donors and Partners in this initiative will be identified on our web pages unless a specific request to remain anonymous is received.

To study in South Africa - A study permit may be issued to a foreigner intending to study in South Africa for longer than three months. To help you with this permit, contact us.

For students who wish to complete a High School Education so they can move on to college training, can apply to our sponsors SSP, who handle these courses in South Africa. Visit Student Sponsorship Programme.


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